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Stability testing


> Manufacturing and packaging

Our state-of-the-art production facility in the centrally located city of Chaillac, France, is fully GMP-compliant and offers more than 7000 square meters of dedicated, non-sterile manufacturing space. We have the ability to produce a wide range of dosage forms including:

Range of packaging and facilities forms:

(Emulsions, solutions and suspensions)

(Gels, creams, pastes, ointments, ... )

Extrusion of pharmaceutical polymer
(dedicated to Arysta's antiparasitic products)

Your benefits:

Your benefits

Packaging for individual dosages is our specialty

• Unidose stickpack

The single-dose stick pack already dominates the market for individual servings in the food industries and is growing in the pharmaceutical field.

The single-dose stick pack helps you meet customers' needs and provides the following advantages:

  - Innovative and easy to use

  - Protects against oxidation

  - Better emptying than the traditional flat small bag

  - Save paper bag compared to the traditional flat small bag

  - Flexible quantities for treatment

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 • Syringes for oral use

Syringes for oral use are suitable for delivering nutritional supplements, dietary aides, and medicines (antimicrobials, NSAIDs, antiparasitics, etc.). Graduated syringes for oral application are manufactured with dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing up to 1000-litre batches.

Wyjolab creates secondary packaging for convenient storage and delivery on demand.

(Simple or highly refined from gluing processes)