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• Our Services

• Our Mission

Wyjolab's customers value our approach to:

     Creating competitive advantage through innovation

Wyjolab helps you broaden and extend your product lines and meet your business objectives by working collaboratively with your staff to research and develop innovative new products and expand into new markets.

     Achieving new cost savings

Wyjolab applies its production expertise and scalable manufacturing capabilities to relieve its customers of the burden of investing in privately owned facilities. The result is higher profit potential with fewer headaches and obligations.

     Allowing you to focus on your core business

Wyjolab frees you from having to dedicate precious time and resources to non-core activities, and gives you more opportunities to pursue your competencies to grow sales and profits and better serve your own customers.

Wyjolab has worked with leading animal health companies to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals and nutritional products since 1988.

From 2002, Wyjolab is a subsidiary of Arysta LifeScience Corporation and benefits from its parent company's broad financial and intellectual resources, and its multinational presence. Arysta's on-going investments in Wyjolab's capabilities and operations enable Wyjolab to offer its customers innovation, quality, and value on a global scale.

In 2012, Wyjolab recovers a youth and offers its customeers and new plant for powder manufacturing and two brand new laboratories for control and development. This in-depht restructuring plan of facilities aims at increasing our services rate at the service of animal health market and always improving the satisfaction of our customers.

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• Our commitments


     GMP-compliant facilities and pharmaceutical quality monitoring for all product types

     State-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff dedicated to your project


     Batch sizes adapted to your end-market (from individual sizes to bulk packaging)

     Optimisation des formules et des packaging garantie pour l’ensemble de vos projets.

Full services

     Quotations delivered within two weeks of initial inquiry (excluding special requests)

     Annual assessment of on-going projects

     Comprehensive security and confidentiality under control of QA

     Guarantee that we will not compete in customers' markets

Wyjolab is member of Arysta Health & Nutrition Sciences

Our commitment to quality, our manufacturing
flexibility, and our responsive customer service
have earned Wyjolab a solid reputation
as a trusted, capable partner that
understands the value of
innovation in the animal
health market and offers
a high standard
quality range
of services.